I have been studying Spanish for the last 2-3 years with Elisa. She is a wonderful teacher: she is extremely passionate about teaching and her classes are always very enjoyable and interesting. She is very calm, patient and thorough.

The material and methodology is fantastic and each module is tailor made for my needs. There is a perfect balance between grammar, speaking and vocabulary. In this regard, there is a wide range of materials (handmade lesson sheets prepared by my teacher, vocabulary cards or videos).

I have had no Spanish whatsoever before and she has developed my Spanish in a huge way and in a very enjoyable relaxed and fun environment. I have a great foundation and understanding of the fundamental Spanish grammar and in the last year, my fluency has been improving in a big way.



I have been learning with Elisa for a few months and my experience has been very positive and successful.

Elisa is a very friendly and extremely professional teacher. She adapts her approach to each student's ability and learning expectations.

She developed her own methodology based on her teaching experience and it's very successful in implementing it during her classes.

I was able to have a simple conversation in Spanish after only a few of her private classes.



I have been going to Elisa for Spanish lessons for a good few months. Elisa is one of the most patient teachers who really know how to guide a student through the process of learning Spanish.

I found Elisa's class materials very simple and easy to follow. They seem designed to give a clear grasp on the fundamentals of Spanish. With Elisa's way of teaching, I was able to improve my vocabulary in Spanish a lot and was able to understand and form clear sentences very quickly.
I still have a lot to learn but even in this short space of time Elisa has helped me gain a lot of confidence in my learning abilities. I would highly recommend Elisa if you are looking at learning or improving your Spanish.