ELIVINGSPANISH´s policy regarding cookies:

A “cookie” is a small piece of information that is sent from the computer where there is a website to your computer, and is saved in the hard disk. Each website sends its own “cookie” to your browser, if the settings of your browser so permit. To protect privacy, your browser only allows access to cookies that have already been sent, and not the cookies that have been sent by other websites.

Cookies record information on the browser settings so allowing suppliers to create websites to suit your interests. The users have the chance to configure their computers to accept all cookies, informing the user when a cookie has been sent, or not to receive any cookies at any time. The latter means that the user will not receive certain personalised services.

Choose the “help” menu in your searcher to get more information on the options on cookies.

How does ELIVINGSPANISH use the cookies?

We only use information provided by cookies for one reason: so that the ELIVINGSPANISH portal can keep your user information as you need so that you don´t have to give it whenever you enter our website.

Own Cookies

Strictly Necessary:

  • Information (*): Session state, registration, data to distinguish free services from payment services

  • Purpose: Registry Management. To provide services of the information society requested by the user and subject to the terms and conditions

THIRD PARTY COOKIES (the information contained below has been provided by those third parties)

Google Analytics:

  • Information (*): Number of visits, visited pages or sections, browsing time, visited sites before entering this site, details about the browsers used.

  • Purpose: Statistical reports about the website traffic, its total audience and the audience in a particular advertising campaign.