Pronunciation Ñ in Spanish

Let´s learn this particular letter with some examples.


Euros in Spanish

How do we say "euros" in Spanish? Let´s see some examples, also with cents.


How to pronounce paella?

Let´s learn how to pronounce PAELLA properly.


SPANISH expression "¿qué tal?"

We´re going to learn how to use this Spanish expression.

Spanish expressions

Pronunciation ll - y in SPANISH

Let´s see if there is any difference between LL - Y in Spanish.


Difference between EL and ÉL in SPANISH

Let´s see the difference between EL and ÉL in Spanish with some examples.

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New Year´s Eve in SPAiN

Let´s discover how we celebrate New Year´s Eve in Spain

Spanish culture

Pronunciation E in SPANISH

Let´s learn how we pronounce E in Spanish with some words and sentences


SPANISH expression

Handy Spanish expression for your daily speaking.

Spanish expressions

Pronunciation H in spanish

Some pronunciation tips for the letter H


Do not say NO PROBLEMA in Spanish

How do we say "no problem" in Spanish? Some of my students say "no problema". However, that´s not correct.

Spanish expressions

What's the difference between "Sí" and "Si" in Spanish?

Short video with examples to learn the difference between "Sí" and "Si" in Spanish.

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How to pronounce no 6 and 7 in Spanish?

Let´s see the difference between 6 and 7 in Spanish when it comes to pronunciation.